French Roast With Chicory Root FTO (ground only)

French Roast With Chicory Root FTO (ground only)

Chocolate, Spicy Smoke, Sweet
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In the style of the classic New Orleans coffees, this is an intriguing blend of Fair Trade Organic French Roast blended with organic roasted chicory root.

Chicory was originally blended with coffee to stretch what was at the time an extremely expensive and rare commodity. Over time the cost of coffee came down, but peoples tastes had changed, and they now began blending roasted chicory in their coffee purely for the flavor.

Our coffee and chicory is smooth, sweet, and chocolatey, with a spicy sweet pipe tobacco aroma. The chicory actually mellows the coffee while enhancing the flavors of dried fruit. The coffee has a rich, full body and a smooth, balanced acidity, with the flavors of dark chocolate, and a bit of spicy smoke.

Smooth enough to be enjoyed black, it also shines in the traditional french quarter style as a Cafe Au Lait.